HTML5 Element Flowchart
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Cristi Gaymer
2012-05-18 19:05 HTML5
HTML5 Element Flowchart
Sectioningcontent elements andfriends
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文件内容:[<aside>,Does it makesense on it sown?,Is it requiredto understand thecurrent content?,A block of ?ow content(not inline phrasing content),Is it a majornavigation block?,Appropriateelement,Does it have any semantics?,Yes,Site or in-page navigation (anything you’d use a “skip to nav” link for),News article, weblog or forum post, comment on an article, sidebar widget etc, with a heading…,No,One or more images, graphics, code samples etc, plus optional <figcaption>…,Probably <p>, but possibly <address>, <blockquote>, <pre>…,<article>,<div>,Flow content with no additional semantics, e.g. for CSS hooks…,<section>,Start,Is it logical to add a heading?,HTML5 Element FlowchartSectioningcontent elements andfriends,Could you move it to an appendix?,Sidebar, comments section, pullquote, glossary, advertising, footnote etc that’s tangentially related to the page or content…,<nav>,<figure>,A section of the page, or chapter of an <article>, with a heading…]