Escalation Management Process
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Laura Bertolini
2011-10-09 11:21 Escalation Management Process ITIL Process
Escalation Management Process
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文件内容:[Inform Team Lead immediately,User confirmed,End, Y ,Start,TL inform Manager immediately,Inform/escalate to other parties if need,User received Issue summary,Fill issue summary sheet & send to Manager,Receive issue update regularly,Decide further action where approriate,User,PM call Frontline for S1/S2 resolution,Update issue progress regularly, N ,Receive issue update regularly, Y ,Join regular meeting where approriate,Close ticket and Inform PM via phone call,Raise ticket,Support,Problem Management,Need escalate to S1/S2,Contact Helpdesk to escalate severity,Escalation Management Process,Confirm with user,In the scope of escalation matrix?,Issue closed, N,Coordinate issue resolution,Issue summary & update to user,S1/S2 ticket?,S1/S2 ticket Problem Management,Issue summary for S1/S2(RCA),Support Management,Start,Update issue status regularly,Normal Process]