The DFSS project algorithm
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Heather Williams
2011-10-16 10:08 DFSS Process DFSS Project Six Sigma Process
The flowchart presented in Fig. 5.1 depicts the proposed DFSS algorithm.
The algorithm objective is to develop design entities with unprecedented customer wants, needs (expectations), and delights for
its total life at Six Sigma quality level.
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文件内容:[Step 11: (Tolerance Design) Finalize Tolerance Settings,Step 6.1: (Axiomatic Design) Perform Mappings,Step 6: (Axiomatic Design) Finalize the Functional Structure of Selected Concept,Step 6.3: Simplify Design Using Axiom 2,The DFSS project algorithm.,Step 7: Initiate Design Scorecards and Transfer Function Development,C-haracterize Phase,Step 14: Launch Mass Production,Step 13: Validate Design (Product/Service and Process),Step 8: (FMEA/PFMEA) Assess Risk,Step 4.1: Analyze and Derive Concepts,Step 10: Design for X,Step15: Celebrate Successful Completion,Step1: Form Team,Step 12: Pilot/Prototype Design,O-ptimize Phase,V-alidate Phase,Project Risk Assessment,Step 6.2: (Axiomatic Design) Uncouple or Decouple Selected Concept,Project Risk Assessment,Step 4: (TRIZ, Pugh) Generate Concepts,Step 3: (TRIZ) Understand FRs Evolution,Step 5: (Pugh Selection) Select the Best Concept,I-dentify Phase,Step 2: (QFD Phase I and II) Determine Customer Expectations,tep 9: (DOE, Analytical) Transfer Function Organization]