Change Management - Sample2
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Kris Williams
2011-10-31 14:36 Change Management Process ITIL Process
Change Management Process
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  • Mike Hu 2012-01-11 09:36
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

文件内容:[RFC (Request for Change) Needed?,N ,Change Rejected?,Change Management Coordinates Change Implementation ,End,Complete Review of Change,Authority Given?,Y ,Y ,N , N ,Y ,N ,Tests Successful?,Eclipse Time,Eclipse Time,Y ,Authority Given?,N ,Submit Release Request Form,N ,Build Release,Back out Changes using Regression Plan?,Raise new RFC to Fix the 'Failed Change',Complete Review of Change,End,Restart Change Control Procedure,Build change,Change Accepted?, Y ,Tests Successful?,Test change and Regression Plan,Start,N ,Submit RFC at least 5 working days before change required,Implementation Successful?, Y ,Change Management Filters RFC,Obtain Sign Off,N ,N , Y ,Check with Change Management for potential dates/Change number,Build Release]