Financial Management diagram
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Kris Williams
2011-11-01 09:15 Financial Management Process ITIL Process
Financial Management diagram
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文件内容:[Provides details to justify the IT investments and expenditure,minimize the risk of overspending,Includes *budgeting guidelines *charging policies *investment guideline,Influences customer behavior,IT Operational plan(incl. Budgets),Balance the quantity Services with the needs and resources of the customers,Monitor and control performance against predefined targets,Ensure the actual spends can be compared against predicted,Has to be simple fair and realistic,Make formal evaluations of IT Services and plan for investment based on cost recovery and business benefits,Business IT requirements,Charges,Provides cost details of providing services to meet business requirements,Process of ensuring the correct monies are available for the provision of IT services,Track actual costs against budgets,Cost analysis(IT Accounting)]