Product Realization Planning
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Product Realization Planning process
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  • suvi kakola 2012-01-10 10:04
    Great observations. I was rather shocked when I did look up it. It exceeded what I expected. You made it briefly. In my opinion, we can do some modifications for other industries or companies.
  • BIVIN MATT 2012-01-12 16:24
    I am going to implement some of these in our project, hope it will work..

文件内容:[QA approval?,Provide Evidence of Conformance,Procure hardware and raw material.,No,Acknowledge Quality Requirements,No,QA approval?,Design Feedback Controls,Quality Plan - A document specifying the product realization processes, and the resources to be applied to create the product {i.e, Router}.,Initiate Product Realization Planning,Yes,Draft a Material Requisition and Submit to QA Department for approval,Assign an Engineering Project Management to initiate Product Realization Planning,Yes,Alocate Resources,Reserve for Product,Purchasing Order (PO) defines product quantity and delivery date. Generally, a PO must be received at least 16 weeks prior to delivery date. Lead times may be longer, depending on material availability.,Submit Quality Plan to QA Department for approval,Define manufacturing processes, technical documentation, and resources {i.e, special toolrg, skilled labor} specific to making the product.,Order from Supplier,No,Understand all applicable PO requirements, parts lists, drawings, process and material specifications.,Determine the records needed to provide evidence that the realization processes and resulting product meer requirements.,Yes,Release to Production,Forward Requisition to the Purchasing Department,Receive Customer PO,In stock?,Engineering,Determine the verification, validation, monitoring, measurement, inspection, and test activities specific to the product, as well as the criteria for product acceptance.]