Project Management Flowchart
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Jacqueiline Martin
2011-12-21 14:44 Project Management
Project Management Flowchart
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文件内容:[Email CONTENT SUBMISSION GUIDLINES to Client,Email Welcome Letter & DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE,Obtain Final Client Approval,GO LIVE,Management Approval of Invoice,Phone Consultation to Discuss Design,Submit Information to Design Team in Correct Format,Email Client the Inotial Layout with FEEDBACK & REVISIONS GUIDLINES,Receive & Review Design Input,Receive & Review Initial Layout from Designers,Revise Content to Client's Satisfaction,Receive & ProcessPayment,Close Out Project,Review Layout to Client Satisfaction,Email REFERENCE & FEEDBACK LINK,Instruct Client on ANY Special Features. I.e, Blog, Event Calender, Hosting, etc.,PM/Sales Countesy Call,Invoice Client & Thank Him/Her,Receive & Review Feedback/Revisions]