The Learning Process in Context
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suvi kakola
2011-12-22 15:24 Learning Process
The Learning Process in Context
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文件内容:[Online Learning,Act first Open minded Experiment rather than follow instructions Work in short bursts,P,Societal / Cultural Values ,Converging,Seeks a strong structure for coursework and discussions,Online Learning,Concrete Experience Activists,Reflective Observation Reflectors,Assimilating,PROCESSES,Active Experimentation Pragmatists,Approaches,Adapt and integrate observation sound theories Step by step approach Strive for perfection Analytical,Collect data Observe Listen before responding Gather and consider different perspectives,Like to test things Want to learn practical applications Practical May be important,Accommodating,Abstract Conceptualization Theories,Prefer activities that will be of immediate practical benefit whenever possible,Advice / Guidance / Support,Course / Instruction,Diverging,Collaborative activities may be particularly appealing,May enjoy online discussion; allowing time for reflection before posting,Institutional Values / Learning]