Billing Data Flows
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suvi kakola
2011-12-26 10:22 Billing Process
Billing Data Flowcharts
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文件内容:[DSS Billing,Census Sheets,Production Books,Job Coach Report,Note: AA/Day=Admin. Asst. Day AA/Res.=Admin. Asst. Res AA/Voc.=Admin. Asst. Voc,Other County Billing,Review by AA/Day,Input to job performance data base,Prog. Secy. aggregate and prepare reports,Day Training Day Treatment,Prog. Secy. reconcile aggregate & prepare reports,Data Input for Billing,Community Intermediate Care Apartments Foster care,Transportation,Prepare manual billing,Sheltered Workshop Supported Work,Census Sheets,VESED Billing,OMRDD vouchers,Prog. Secy. aggregate and prepare reports,Agency Accounting System (Receivables),MMIS/DDSO Billing(disk),Review by AA/Voc,Review by AA/Res,Transportation Log]