CEQA Process Flow Chart
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suvi kakola
2011-12-26 11:34 CEQA Process
CEQA Process Flow Chart
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  • suvi kakola 2012-01-12 10:13
    a little bit complicated, but informative. I will read more later.thank you

文件内容:[File Notice of Determination with County Clerk,Project is ministerial,Lead agency prepare final EIR inducing responses to comments on draft EIR,Lead agency prepare draft EIR,Public Review Period,Lead Agency gives public notice of availability of Negative Declaration,Project,Findings on teasibility of reducing or avoiding significant environmental effects,Categorical exemption,State Agencies,Consideration and approval pf final EIR by decision-making body,EIR,Decision on project,Notice of Exemption may be filed,No possible significant effect,Local Agencies,Respond to informal consultation,File Notice of Determination with Office & Research,Local Agencies,Decision on permit,Consideration and approval of Negative Declaration by decision-making body,LEAD AQENCY,Respond to Notice of Preparation as to contents of draft EIR,Lead agency prepare initial study,Consultation,Public Agency determines whether the activity is a "project",Not a Project,Possible significant effect,File Notice of Determination with County Clerk,Lead agency decision to prepare EIR or Negative Declaration,Public Agency determins if the project is exempt,Lead agency sends Notice of Preparation to responsible agency,Comments on adequacy of draft EIR or Negative Declaration,State Agencies,Decision-making body considers final EIR or Negative Declaration prepared by lead agency,Not Exempt,No further action required under CEQA,Negative Declaration,RESPONSIBLE AQENCY,Consultation,Lead agency files Notice of Completion and gives public notice of availability of draft EIR,Public agency evaluates project to determine if there is a possibility that the project may have a significant effect on environment,Determination of lead agency where more than one public agency is involved,Finding on feasibility of reducing or avoiding significant environmental effects,File Notice of Determination with Office of Planning & Research,Public Review Period,Consultation]