Change Process 2

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Change Process 2
The flowchart indicates the stages in the normal process that people go through when making significant changes in their life. It is quite usual for a person to "lapse" at different points in the process, so don't take it personally if it happens to you! As indicated by the dotted arrows, if you lapse you have a choice: you can choose to get back on track (using the "lapse" as something to learn from and increase your chances of more progress next time) or you can slip backwards one or more stages. One of the jobs of a good coach is to help individuals resume progress when a lapse occurs. Learning how to deal with the possible paths presented by the dotted arrows, whether with the support of a coach or on your own, is key to improving your quality of life. This flowchart is an original creation of David Bonham-Carter. The theory behind it is imspired by J. Prochaska and C. Di Clemente's Cycle of Change and the principles of Motivational Interviewing espoused by W. Miller and S. Rollnick.
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