Data Processing
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Jane Birkin
2011-12-27 10:49 Data Processing
Data Processing diagram
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文件内容:[Image reconstruction,Geophysical Variables Pcean Salinity,1420 MHZ noise sky map/atmospheric pressure map relative humidity/Landuse maps or vegetation cover maps Digital Elevation Model/Land Surface Temperature Soil structure data/Soil freezing condition and snow cover information,Grouping data of the same location,Level 0,Improved Level 3 OS,Brightness Temperature (ground level),Unit conversion and calibration,Data formatting,Improved Level 3 SM,Orbit and attitude data TEC,Brightness Temperature (instrument level),Ancillary data (orbit attitude parameters calibration parameters) + unit conversion parameters,orbit and attitude data L-band sky radiation map water bodies and land masks,Geophysical Variables SM Temporal composit,Geophysical Variables Solid Moisture,Calibrated visibilities,Raw data,1420 MHz noise skymap/atmospheric pressure map Windspeed/sea surface temperature/rain information,Geophysical Variables OS Temporal composit]