Marketing Process 1
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Kevin Jonas
2011-12-29 09:58 Marketing Process
Marketing Process
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  • Elvi Janolino 2012-01-10 13:41
    I very appreciate your work for this marketing analysis, but what is your idea of the relationship between step 10 and 3? Thank you.
  • Jonathan Bailey 2012-01-11 11:23
    thank you for sharing, but where are your following pictures? about the implementation/
  • Jonathan Bailey 2012-01-11 11:23
    I would like to learn more here.

文件内容:[7 Forecasts of Expected Results,10 Detailed Action Plan,5 Marketing Assumption,4 SWOT Analysis,6 Marketing Objectives & Strategies, Analysing the current situation, Setting, Creating the marketing strategy,2 Corporate Objectives, Allocating marketing resources and monitoring,1 Mission,9 Marketing Budget,3 Marketing Audit,8 Create Alternative Plans]