iProceed Framework for Business Process Redesign
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Timo virtanen
2012-02-28 14:33 BPM Process
BPM Diagram
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文件内容:[Redesign the process to optimally eliminate as many as bottlenecks as possible(cost-benefit analysis needs to be conducted for each redesign),Dynamic connector,Implement,Feedback loop,RedesignProcess,Each process within the boundaries identified has to be mapped in dearly identifiable steps.Existing process may be used but should be revisited,Test the redesigned process,make changes,and implement it,IdentifyBottlenecks,This is the step to take a critical look at the process to assess the current situation,set boundaries for evaluation, and develop a work-plan,DevelopProcess Maps,Interviews and discussions with field staff to identify inefficiencies,breakdowns,errors,redundancies,etc,ProcessDiagnostic]