Process level

2012-02-29 10:55:27
Process level
Organizations have changing needs for process methodologies as they mature. A business process methodology is a systematic approach to analyzing, documenting, redesigning, or improving processes. Depending on the scope of the methodology, it might include activities focused on developing a comprehensive business process architecture or it might focus on activities involved in the redesign of an existing process or on creating software requirements for software development. Some process methodologies are narrowly focused on a few process tasks while others aim to be comprehensive and cover a wide variety of different process tasks. Business process work is too complex and diverse to be precisely specified. One can not create a process methodology so precise that the user can simply follow an algorithm. If we could, we would automate process analysis and redesign, but we can?t. So, instead of an algorithm, a process methodology is usually a description of a set of phases and major tasks, including a lot of diagramming tools, checklists and other heuristics provided to guide those who are doing the work. And, obviously, the more comprehensive the methodology, the more tools and heuristics the methodology needs to include.
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