Buying process
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Marilyn Adams
2012-03-05 13:57 Buying Process
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文件内容:[loan funding-record title,select a home to buy and write an offer to purchase,deposit balance of downpayment and closing costs to escrow-sign closing documents and loan papers,get set up on "daily hotsheet" e-mail notification system,loan processing starts property appraisal,set up transfer of utilities into buyer's name -to be effective on day of closing,title search-preliminary report,remove inspection and other contingencies,final walkthrough insoection,counter offers negotiated,Consultant with agent to analyze your wants and needs,market education -view properties,schedule inspections/ receive and review disclosure,receive escrow instructions,close eacrow-get the keysWelcome Home!,review inspection reports and make request for repairs, if appropriate,open escrow-deposit earnest money,establish a game plan with agent,acceptance ofcontract,submit mortgage application,loan approval-remove loan contingencies,meet with morrgage broker - obtain loan pre-qualification or pre-approval,arrange for homeowner's insurance]