Difficult editor
克隆 收藏
Marilyn Adams
2012-03-05 14:41 Wikilove Process
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  • Kirat Hatzfeld 2012-03-29 09:35
    wow, this is definitely a good picture. I like these colors.. and nice combination.

文件内容:[Seek an editor review on yourself,NO,YES,Begin disoute Resolution,Report them to an administrator,Shower them with Wikilove,YES,NO,YES,Take a Wikibreak,Seek feedback from Wikiquette alerts,Are they being disruptive?,Try to form a consensus on the talk page,NO,Are they sock puppeting?,Can you stay cool?,Shower them with Wikilove,Has a consensus been formed?,Should your behavior change?,NO,Shower them with Wikilove,Dealing with a difficult editor,NO,Shower them with Wikilove,YES,Have they lost their cool?,YES,Success,Shawer them with Wikilove,NO]