Forrester BPM Diagram
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Kirat Hatzfeld
2012-03-14 14:45 Forrester Diagram Venn Diagram BPM Diagram
Forrester BPM Diagram
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文件内容:[Microsoft,Integration-centricBPMS,Dynamic casemanagementSee the December 28, 2009, "Dynamic Case Management - An Old Idea Catched New Fire" Forrester report., Human-centric BPMS Agile Point Appian Bluespring Software Handysoft Intalio K2 Lombardi (IBM) Pegasystems Savvion Singularity Sword Ciboodle Ultimus,FujitsuMetastormSoftware AGTIBCO Software,ActiveVOSCordysInubitSAPSterling CommerceSun MicrosystemsVitria Technology,Business process management suitesThis report focuses on BPM suite vendors formerly covered under "human-centric" BPM suites.,IBMOracle,Global 360,Comprehensive Integration solutionSee the April 19, 2010, "The CIS Reference Architecture" Forrester report., Document-centric BPMSAdobe SystemsAutonomyEMCHyland SoftwareOpen TextPerceptive Software]