Production Actual Output – 7B1
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Production Actual Output Process
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  • ziba kazemi 2012-05-09 23:38
    thank for your invitation
  • Amit 2013-12-18 21:07
    Hi guys, what is this 7B1 signal exactly? What information does it carry? Who is sender and who is receiver?


文件内容:[Map OAGISto Idoc,Receive 7B1From PartnerGateway,Create Reports,Send Idoc,Create 7B1messages,Process Subflow,B2B Gateway,Production Actual Output,SAP BW,End,Partner,Extend MD to plant level,Daily snapshotsPSI Data,PSI PlanningArea,Set versionCalendar Date,Extract Data from ERP,Receive Idoc,SAP APO,Start,Send 7B1messages,Map 7B1 to OAGIS]