D3 Return Spare Parts to Physical Hub Process
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CPL - D3 Return Spare Parts to Physical Hub Process
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文件内容:[Send dispatch information,Confirm picked quantities,Sign POD,Pick items,Check components: If OK, transfer comp. from blocked to unrestr.-use stock,NO,Agree with SEMC about the return,Receive POD,Update net & gross weights and HUs,Export customs clearance,Returns From Hub to Supplier,Receive STO,ORDERS,SparepartsFacility,Receive delivery order,Send POD information,Receive POD information,Create delivery,Create stock transport order ,Vendor return,Receive components to Hub,3A13,Update Stock,Inform Seller of received components,Contact Seller,Logistics,Generate packing list,Import customs clearance,Receive pro-forma invoice,YES,GI,Create shpmnt,Agree with the spareparts facility about the return,Createand send customs invoice ,NO,Seller,Release component to unrestr.-use,Create GR against STO to SEMC blocked stock,Manual Overdue order processing in APO,Pick items,D3 Return Spare Parts to Physical Hub,Save delivery,Send Delivery orde,Place components on hold,PDF attachment in Email ,Send STO to Logistics,Collect\nshipping docs.,Qty accepted,Load comp. on truck,Yes,Update Shipment]