Sales Order Flow(Consumer Electronics)
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Elvi Janolino
2011-10-09 17:04 SalesOrder Process SAP Process
Sales Order Flow
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文件内容:[Proof of delivery(POD) signed,Pick up Goods,Any Discrepancy?,Customer sends Purchase Order(PO) ,Send Application Advice,POST Invoice,Validate Invoice,Generate & send Outbound Delivery,Receive Goods, N,Receive Outbound Delivery,Deliver Goods,Release delivery block,Sales Order Flow,Update Delivery and Create Shipment,Send Dispatch Advice,Correct & resend Invoice,Send POD,Delivery updated with POD,Make Delivery Appointment,Create Sales Order(SO),Forwarder,Customer,Correct error,Receive Order Response,Confirm Shipment Details,Y ,Confirm Delivery Time,Supplier,Confirm Inventory and Save SO Changes,Y ,N ,Collect Shipping Documents,Create & send Customer Invoice,Pick & Pack,Collect POD,Logistic,Post Goods Issue,Send Order Response,SO Created?]