A3 Hub Stock Fill up Process
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A3 Hub Stock Fill up process
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文件内容:[Create shipping documents,Send PO to supplier and Logistics,3A13,Send PO ackn. Update,Approve Purchase Req.,Manage Accounts Payables,Create/Change Discrete PO (NB),Receive PO ackn,Create Invoice,Export customs clearance,CPL Buyer,Send PO ackn.,3A7,Receive PO ackn. Update,3A4C 3A8C,Create GR against PO to SEMC stock,WMMBXY,Receive ASN,A3 SEMC Hub Stock Fill up ,ORDERSP,Update SEMC Stock,Create Purchase Req,Receive comp. to Hub,Allowed changes:\nAdd item\nRemove item \nChange date\nChange quantity\nChange price\nCreate work item for all responses for changes ,Seller,Receive Purchase Order,Commidity owner initiates purchase.\nCPL buyer creates purchase requisition,Send ASN,Pick Pack,4B2,Send GR message,Import customs clearance, Debit: Inventory Credit: GR/IR D/C: PPV,3B2,Load comp. on truck,Receive Purchase Order,ORDERS ORDCHG,Supplier,3A4R 3A8R,Logistics,ORDERS,Goods flow,Includes the PO number and supplier reference,ORDERSP]