C2 Returns From Hub to supplier Process
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CPL - C2 Returns From Hub to Supplier Process
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文件内容:[Goods flow,Pick Delivery,Goods issue,Receive return delivery note,Create return delivery ,Receive component,Receive return request,C2 Returns From Hub to supplier,If vendor owned material is returned, the material is taken out of stock, this will reduce vendor consignment stock. The vendor is responsible for this return process (vendor consignemnt stock) from this point.,Seller,Export customs clearance,Import customs clearance,Receive return request,Contact Seller,Create Return PO,Issue payment,Collect Shipping Documentation,Send return delivery note,Receive return delivery note,Receive return request,Returns From EMS to Hub,Load comp. on truck,Send credit memo,Req. consignemnt stock to be returned,Deliver,Regular mail,Receive return request,Pick/Pack,Transport- ation planning,Supplier,Create Pro-forma invoice,The “supplier returns flow” is initiateed either from the supplier it self, or from the EMS returns flow (C1),Email]