Stages in the Job Analysis Process
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Bill Morin
2011-10-17 13:23 Job Analysis Process HR Process
The process of job analysis must be conducted in a logical manner, following appropriate
management and professional psychometric practices. Therefore, a
multistage process usually is followed, regardless of the job analysis methods used. The stages for a typical job analysis are outlined here.
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文件内容:[Maintaining and Updating Job Descriptions and Job Specifications A. Update job descriptions and specifications as organization changes. B. Periodically review all jobs.,Preparing and Communicating the Job Analysis A. Identify jobs and methodology. B. Review existing job documentation. C. Communicate process to managers and employees.,Developing Job Descriptions and Job Specifications A. Draft job descriptions and specifications. B. Review drafts with managers and employees. C. Identify recommendations. D. Finalize job descriptions and recommendations.,Planning the Job Analysis A. Identify objectives of job analysis. B. Obtain top management support.,Conducting the Job Analysis A. Gather job analysis data. B. Review and compile data.]