Selection Process
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Bill Morin
2011-10-17 13:50 Selection Process HR Process Hiring Process
Recruitment - Selection Process
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文件内容:[Job Preview/Interest Screen,Additional Interview (optional),Interview,Test,Application Form,Medical Exam/ Drug Test,Reception Jobs Open? – Yes,Conditional Job Offer,Background Investigation,The selection process is typical of a large organization. Assume a woman applicant comes to the organization, is directed to the employment office, and is received by a receptionist. Some firms conduct a job preview/interest screen to determine if an applicant is qualified for open jobs before giving out an application form. Next, the receptionist usually gives the individual an application form to complete. The completed application form serves as the basis for an interview or a test. After the interview or test, the applicant may be told that she does not fit any position the company has available. However, if she does appear to have appropriate qualifications, her background and previous employment history may be checked and/or an additional, more in-depth interview may be conducted. If responses are favorable, the applicant may receive a conditional offer of a job, provided she passes a medical and/or drug test.,Job Placement]