Yummy Chocolates Process Map
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Heather Williams
2011-10-23 21:54 Yummy Process Chocolate Process Six Sigma Process
Yummy Chocolate Process Map
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  • Elvi Janolino 2012-01-10 14:15
    haha, you can send this to some chocolate countries, they will like your idea. It seems useful for their production.

文件内容:[Organize trays on conveyor,Compare with route sheet,Inspect,Melt and reuse,Hollow or regular?,Wrap color? Fit? Content? Damaged?,Route sheet mold type cycle time 55 sec changeover time 1 min,Weigh ok?,Cool in cooling chamber,Route sheet,Mix in nuts and flavorings,Cleanliness?,Decorated or hollow or plain?,Pour chocolate into molds,Shake to remove air bubbles,Pass inspection?,Color Consistency,Content cycle time 55 sec,Cycle time 18m,Tip from molds,Compress for hollow center,Decorate,Route sheet cycle time 1 hr change over 2 hr uptime 85%,Wrap,Pass inspection?,Melt chocolate,Route sheet cycle time 55 sec,Nuts or flavorings needed?,Glue compressed halves together,Weigh,Trash,Shake to align for wrapping,Inspect]