Root Causes Analysis
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Jim Black
2011-10-31 15:47 Root Causes Analysis RCA fishbone
Root Causes Analysis
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文件内容:[No consideration of quality,Incorrect allocation of responsibilities,Operator discipline,Short cuts,Lack of design integration/commonality,Poor method of “take off”,Policy,Poor sequencing/interrupted processes,Methods of work/construction,Poor planning,Poor Planning,Work instructions not available,Ineffective lessons learnt,Lack of detail in method statement,Design of temporary works,Inappropriate use/size of plant,Preconceived ideas,Abuse of materials,Inexperience,Management pressure,Lack of awarenesscost/ environment,Time constraints,Volume of materialsClassifiedAs waste are too high,Short cuts,People,Margins added on in series,Work processes,Poor material storage,Guess/bad knowledge,Unclear processes,Units of availability,Unclear drawings,Purchasing limitations,Time constraints/late IFC,No consideration of re-use,Lack of priority to environment,Apathy]