The Learning Process
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suvi kakola
2011-12-22 16:01 Learning Process
Learning Diagram
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  • Laura Bertolini 2012-01-11 15:09
    wow, thank you for your work. I just need to explain this for my colleagues..
  • BIVIN MATT 2012-01-12 17:35
    this means a lot to me. I asked myself and learned

文件内容:[Assess or Evaluate My REAL Self through Feedback and Self-Assessment,Define My IDEAL Self: My Personal & Professional Aspirations & Goals,With which new skills, competencies and behaviors can I experiment or apply and practice?On what new thoughts and feeling should I reflect?,What are my on-the-job experiences?What real task or skill should I work on?What training, courses or books are available to me?Where does my IDEAL self differ from my REAL self?,What strengths must I have to do my job well?What do I want out of work and life?How do I want to be received by others?How do I want to act?Who do I want to be?,Supervisors, peers, mentors, coaches, friends, family,What are the most critical skills, competencies and behaviors I need to learn and develop?,Prioritize learning & Development Needs: Build on Strengths, Close Gaps,Cultivating Trusted Relationships that help, support, encourage each step of your journey.,Create an Action Plan for Each Critical Skill, Competency & Behavior: 70%/20%/10% Formula,What are my strengths?How does my IDEAL self overlap with my REAL self?What are my gaps?Where does my IDEAL self differ from my REAL self?,Implement the learning & Development Plan]