Audit Process 3
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suvi kakola
2011-12-22 17:21 Audit Process Risk Management Process
Audit plans based on different periods
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文件内容:[Identification of Audit Universe,Issue Interim Reports,Staff and Manage Each Audit,Analyze Survey and Assessment Data to Continuously Improve Process and Professional Competencies,Plan Audit and Communicate Scope,Formulate Audit Plan,Discuss Audit Outcomes,Assess Risk of Audit Area,Auditor and Audit Assessment and External Benchmarking,Ratification od Audit Plan,Research Audit Area,ANNUALLY,Identify Potential Key Issues and Area of Concern,Risk Assessment,ONGOING,Report To All Relevant Parties Action Plan to Mitigate Risk,Validate and Review Data and Information,Research Best Practices and Benchmarks,Mission, Charter, Strategic Plan, Goals and Objectives, Politics and Procedures,Notify Auditees,Survey Auditees,BY PROJECT,Follow Up]