Business Process Mapping 2
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Jane Birkin
2011-12-26 16:58 Business Process Mapping
Business Process Mapping
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  • suvi kakola 2012-01-11 17:13
    This is interesting, you put business analysis into qualitative and quantitative.

文件内容:[Benefit/Cost,Business Process Mapping,1. Input technology costs, life, benefits, and "As Is" cost drivers2. Input benefits of the technology and "To Be" cost drivers,Industry Standard Performance measures aligned with business processes,Technology Solution,Technology Evaluator (Lead),Performance Measures,Cost Drivers,Generate a list of cost drivers based on defined business process map,Expert Panel,Select a technology to rate/evaluate,Define your Business Processes,Performance Measures,Rate the technology against the performance measures list generated by FTAT,Final Output,Quantitative Analysis,1) Qualitative Performance Score Reliability, Responsiveness, Flexibility Assets, Safety and Security 2) Quantitative Financial Output, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period and Benefit-Cost Ratio,QualitativeAnalysis]