The Investment Process 1
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Kevin Jonas
2011-12-27 16:34 Investment Process
The Investment Process
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文件内容:[Exit,Disbursement,Preliminary Due Diligence,Submission to Board of Directors,Legal Aspects: - Projects - Regulatory Bodies - Investment Structure,Execution,Follow up,Submission to Board of Directors of Investment Manager Opportunities,Approval,Issuance of Funding Notices,Preparation of Concept Paper,Set up of Investment Structure,Initiate Contacts,Preparation of Final Appraisal Report,Successful Acquisition,Financial Aspects: - Financial Modeling - Financial Review of Partner(s) - Expected Returns - Expected Exit Date - Capital Structure,Progress Reporting,Research Opportunities,Disposal,Detailed Due Diligence,Transaction Origination,Monitoring,Approval,Repayment of Principal & Profits of the Fund Company,Initial Terms Negotiations,Commercial Aspects: - Supply - Demand - Cost - Sale Price(s) - Absorbtion Rates - Taxation - SWOT Analysis - Risk & Mitigants]