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Hiring Process
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文件内容:[3. RPA received in HR, given a requisition number and entered into tracking spreadsheet,7. RPA routed to HR Director to approve any exceptions,6. RPA routed to Compensation to verify job description and pay are correct,4. RPA routed to Manpower Manager for account number and position number verification,11. Pool closed and referred to HR Representative to screen for minimum qualifications,17. Requisition is closed, materials in file are compiled, checked and file is sent to storage for 2 years.,14. Personel Action Request(PAR) is generated by the HM and sent to HR once it is approved (repeat 2),11. Pool closed is opened-posted on ACCD web page and run in print sources if applicable,5. RPA routed to Employment/Employee Relations Manager to review any exceptions to standard advertising or hiring procedures,12. Pool is assembled, list of qualified applicants generated from applicant tracking log and pool referred to HM,2. RPA routed through campus for multiple approval signatures (i.e. Director, Dean, VP, and President),13. HM/Committee reviews, rank orders, interviews and selects candidate to recommend for hire,15. HR reviews PAR, schedules physical if needed; routes/approves PAR(repeat 4-7), and schedules new hire orientation,16. HMenters non-selection reasons on remaining applications and returns pool to HR,10. Applications are collected, for at least 10 business days for staff and 20 business days for faculty/administrators,9. Applications are acknowledged by mail/email, entered in Passport applicant tracking log, and file as they,1. Hiring Manager(HM) generates Request for Position Announcement(RPA)]