The Purchasing Process
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Jane Birkin
2011-12-29 13:51 Purchase Process
Purchasing Process
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  • suvi kakola 2012-01-11 17:07
    I would like to take your opinions, sounds good. Thanks a lot..

文件内容:[Purchasing Card Online catalog Electronic Data Interchange \nStock Check\nAutomated Recoder\nPoint,Request for Quote/ Information,Complex Requirement?,NO,3a. Bid and/or Negotiation,YES,Payment to Supplier,Approved Supplier?,Bill of lading Packing SlipDiscrepancy ReportAcknowledgements,3b. Supplier Selection,YES,Purchase Order Blanket PO\nPurchase Release,NO,YES,2. Evaluate Suppliers,4. Purchase Approval,6. Update Supplier Scorecard,NO,Small $Amount?,文档,1. User Need for Product or Service,E-Procurement Documents,Watch PO and Invoice,Specification Statement of Work View peoduct requirement Customer order/MRP Trabeling req/barcode Purchase requisition,Input used To Award Future Business,Supplier invoice,5. Release and Receive Product or Service]