Project management process1
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kathrin schmid
2011-12-30 15:06 Project Management
Project management process
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文件内容:[Project Definition, Stage 2 Identify the opportunities,Reporting,- ID Roadmap Dependencies - Roadmap Sequencing - Tool Reqt's Development,- Planning with Initiative Sponsors - Kickoff Meeting, Actions, Stage 3 Design the process changes,Process Mapping,- Benefits Analysis - Quatified Plan of Action,- Interviews - Web Surveys - Response Analysis,Roadmap Design,- Sponsor Preliminary Review - Final Documentation,- Review of Existing Work - Supply Chain Diagnostics - Root Cause and Benefit Analysis,- FMEA Study - Industry Council Review - Roadmap Update, Stage 1 Define the scope, Stage 7 Communicate the results,Impact Analysis, Stage 5 Develop the roadmap, Deliverables,- As-is and initial To-be Process Maps - Refinement of Opportunities,- Benchmark Results - Candidate List of High Impact Opportunities,- Process Mapping Workshops - Comparison to Industry Best Practices,Benchmark Analysis,- Final Report - Presentation to Sponsors and Management,- Goals and Objectives - Team Definition - Schedule, Stage 4 Quatify the Improvements,- Prioritized Plan of Action - Cost-Benefit Assessment, Stage 6 Validate the Roadmap,Validation,- Final Roadmap Design and Requirements]