business process improvement
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Jane Birkin
2012-02-23 17:04 BPM Diagram Business Process Improvement
business process improvement diagram
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文件内容:[Two or more 4-hour structuredworking sessionsUse a skilled, objective facilitator to leas the working sessionSub-teams may be used to further define implementation plans,Kick-OffImplementationProjects,Two or more 2-hour working sessions,One 6-8 hour working session with Guidance & Improvement TeamsUse a skilled, objective facilitator to lead the working session,Guidance TeamSmall group of leaderswho either have a stake inor own the processes being changed.,DefineImprovementOpportunities,Iterative Process untilTeam is comfortable withroot cause analysis,IdentifyImprovementGoals, Targets& Resources,Dynamic connector,DetermineImprovementsto Implement,Gather DatatoEvaluateCauses,Analyze the Issues,Improvement TeamCross-functional team whoare either actively involved in or impacted by the process being improved.,Two 3-hour working sessions Use a skilled, objectivefacilitator familiar withanalytical models & tools tolead the working session]