incident dealing process
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Laura Bertolini
2012-02-29 14:11 Incident Management Process Customer Service Process
incident dealing process
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文件内容:[Trigger a new problem ticket,Try out potential fixes,N,FIX,Y,N,Gather info on incident(Rule-directed),Y,Can issue be escalated?,Assign problem ticket,Incident ticket set to is-resolved,close incident,Able to isolate problem?,Fill-out basic incident request,Change incident ticket to pending,N,Reopen incident ticket,Run diagnostic tests & commands,Rule-based ticket enrichment,Y,Y,N,N,N,Can old incident be reopend?,Is customer issue resolved?,Y,N,Is customer issue resolved?,Concerns previously reported incident,Y,Are any known fixes Available?,Can link to any existing problem?,DETECT,DIAGNOSE,Escalate to next-tier,Link incident ticket to problem ticket,Y,Pull up customer's old incident,Route ticket to theright owner,N(refer to old),VERIFY,CLOSE,Fetch service details,Create incident ticket]