U.S. Support Court Nomination & Confirmation Process
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Kirat Hatzfeld
2012-03-14 15:08 Nominate Process
U.S. Support Court Nomination & Confirmation Process
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文件内容:[Nomination declines,Recommendation sent to Full Senate,Approved by majority?,Nominee sworn in as Supreme Court justice,The Committee collect records for nominee and for preparation of hearings,The Committee votes on nomination,Cloture vote?,Filibuster,President consults with senators and nominate a candidate,The Senate votes on nomination,Nomination sent to Senate Judiciary Committee,yes,Hearings,it requires the votes of 3/5 of the Senate or 60 senators,A simple majority of the Senators present and voting is required for the judicial nominee to be confirmed. In case of a tie, the Vice President, who also presides over the Senate, casts the deciding vote.]