A4 Phase Optimization Framework
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Laura Bertolini
2012-03-16 09:38 Phase Optimization Framework
Phase Optimization Framework Diagram
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文件内容:[4.0Transition,1.0Mobilize,- Develop TO-BE Process Models- Specify Technology Architecture- Develop Detailed Process Maps- Develop Detailed Technology Specs,- Develop Detailed Test Plan- Test TO-BE Architecture- Roll out TO-BE Architecture- Prepare and Enroll Continuous Engagement,3.0Engineer/ Optimize,2.0Define,-Model & Analyze High Level Processes- Baseline 'AS-IS' and Benchmark- Develop Strategic Vision- Identify Process - IT Issues,-Plan/ Initiate Program - Scope & Objectives - Organization - Approach -Constraints-IT Strategy/ Methodology-Outsourcing/ Staffing Methodology-Software Selection Methodology-Delivery Methodology]