Sponsor call
克隆 收藏
Laura Bertolini
2012-03-16 11:15 Sponsor Call Process
Sponsor call Process
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文件内容:[OSP Administrator signs School Authorization,PI finalizes eGC1,RFA/RFP/PASponsor issues Request for Proposal,PI completes Sponsor Application,eApproval/eSignature process,PI delibers hardcopy to sponsor,PI accesses SAGE and completes eGC1,Are human subjects involved?,OSP submits electronic copy of Sponsor Application directly to sponsor,UWT performs internal review (Sharon Fought and Leo Aguiling),OSP sends hardcopy of Sponsor Application to PI via campus mail or OSP makes hardcopy available for PI to pick up,PI edits Grant Application and resubmits proposal (eGC1 and/or Sponsor Application),OSP Administrator reviews eGC1 and sponsor application,Electronic submital?,Sponsor receives proposal,Are changes recommended?,Electronic submission of eGC1 to OSP,PI obtains IRB approval prior to award,Electronic/Hardcopy submission of Sponsor Application to OSP]