Maturity model
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Timo virtanen
2012-03-21 13:46 Maurity Model BPM Diagram
Maturity model Diagram
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文件内容:[Repeatable practicesReduced reworkSatisfied commitments,Maturity Level 4Prefictable,Ad hoc processesInconsistent outcomesRework,Motivate people to overcome problems and just "get the job done",Develop standard processes, measures, and training for product and service offerings,Build disciplined work unit management to stabilise work and control commitments,Manage process and results quantitatively and exploit benefits of standardisation,Planned innovationsChange managementCapable processes,Implement continuous proactiveimprovements to achievebusiness goals,Maturity Level 5Innovating,Stable processesReuse / knowledge managementPredictable results,Maturity Level 2Managed,Maturity Level 1Initial,Productivity growthEffective automationEconomy of scale,Maturity Level 3Standardised]