Update Assets Flow Sequence Diagram
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Daniel Fedder
2012-05-18 16:11 Asset Management Oracle Process
The diagram illustrates the Update Assets flow sequence diagram.
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文件内容:[SyncAssetRespMsg(EBM) ,If exists , if not,If parent id not null,check parent in xref. Also checkInstanceid,QueryItem InstanceReq Msg ,Wait till they get created,UpdateAssetSiebelProvABCSImpl,QueryItem InstanceResp Msg(ABM) ,UpdateInstalled ProductList ReqMsg(EBM) ,UpdateItemInstance EbizReqABCSImple,Update ItemInstanceEbizEventConsumer,Transform,Event Message ,UpdateInstalled ProductList ReqMsg(EBM) ,Oracle Apps(Installed base) Update Item Instance,If parent id not null,check parent siebel id in xref. Also check siebel assetid,SiebelSyncAssetWebService,SyncAssetReqMsg(EBM) ,UpdateInstalledProductList RepMsg(EBM) ,InstalledProductEBSV2(UpdateInstalledProductList), if not,UpdateEvent Message ,Update Installed Product List ReqMsg(EBM) ,SyncAssetResp Msg(EBM) ,UpdateInstalled ProductList RespMsg(EBM) ,QueryEbizItemInstance & Transform,SyncAsset ReqMsg(EBM) ,If exists ,Wait till they get created,QueryItem InstanceResp Msg(ABM) ]