Agile PLM Integration Pack for SAP Architecture
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2012-06-01 10:38 Oracle Process Integraion Diagram PLM Process
The Oracle Design to Release Integration Pack for Agile Product Lifecycle Management and JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne 11.1 architecture is illustrated in the diagram.
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文件内容:[Process ABCS,EBM ,PX,EBM ,WSDL,ABM , EBM,AIA FP,ABCS,WSDL,SAP ERP, ABM,ABCS,The Agile PLM Integration Pack for SAP: Design to Release 11.1 includes the following functionalities: Manufacturing release of new product definition and product launch Change management of previously launched products Synchronization of Item cost attribute information from SAP to Agile PLM Monitoring and control of the change processing and validation queues ,ABM,ACS,EBS,BAPI iDoc, EBM,ABM ,WSX,Oracle ASAdapter for SAP,aXML,Queue,Agile,MFW]