CPL Process Overview
克隆 收藏
Jonathan Bailey
2011-10-09 10:57 Supply Chain Process CPL Process
CPL Process Overview
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文件内容:[Stock consolidation,Cycle Counting – Supplier Hub Stock,B2,A14,Manage Stock,Emergency Drop Shipment ,Returns from HUZA to the Physical Hub,Returns From EMS to Hub,A11,A9,A6,Spare parts,A4,C2,A10,Component Sales,A2,Virtual Stock Fill up,A15,A5,Cycle Counting – Hub Stock,D1,Sales and Delivery from Virtual Stock,Stock status synchronization,DPY Sales,Scrap Hub Stock,Hub Stock Fill up,A13,Physical Inventory – Supplier Hub Stock,D2,A12,B5,Process Overview,Forecast,A3,Accounts Payable,Physical Inventory – Hub Stock,A1,Returns From Hub to Supplier,Sell Stock – End of Life,B6,A8,Reduce Virtual Stock Level,C1,Transfer of Spare Parts from the Physical Hub,Take Ownership of Supplier Hub Stock ,A7,Supplier Hub Stock Fill up,B4,DPY Sales Revenue Recognition ,EMS OrderManagement,Transfer of Spare Parts from the Virtual Hub,B3,Sales and Delivery from Hub Stock,B1,Overdue Order Processing,Sell Excess Stock – Pre Paym,Returns]