A1 Forecast Process - RosettaNet Process
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How forecast go through partners.(A1 Forecast Process - RosettaNet Process)
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文件内容:[Receive forecast ackn.,Send framework order ackn.,Receive weekly forecast,3A13,Logistics,Supplier,Send forecast,4A3,3A4C 3A8C,4A3 Threshold Forecast: Weeks 1 – 17 in weekly buckets and months 5–6 in monthly buckets for total of 6 months. The weekly buckets will reduce each week up to 13 weekly buckets,B2B,Send forecast ackn.,B2B,4A5,Mobile Provider,4A5,Receive weekly forecast,Receive forecast ackn.,Receive framework order ackn,Receive monthly forecast,Forecast: min/ max- levels, flex, and requirements,Email,B2B,Receive framework order,Receive framework order,Send forecast ackn.,B2B,B2B,3A4R 3A8R,4A1 Strategic Forecast: \nMonths7 to 12 in \nmonthly buckets,Book space with carrier,B2B,Email,Send framework order,B2B,Send Cons. fill up plan 1 week prior to delivery,Send monthly gross forecast to supplier,4A1,Create yearly framework PO with one material. One PO line per quarter, four lines per year ,Send weekly gross forecast to supplier,A1 Forecast - RosettaNet]