Tattoo Decision Flowchart
克隆 收藏
Cristi Gaymer
2012-05-18 18:19 Decision Process Decision Making
Tattoo Decision Flowchart
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  • dafdafd wdafwfe 2012-08-03 17:33
    I think the "Will it be visible when clothed" box don't have the NO option ....

文件内容:[No,Yes,No,Of a significantother?,Are you sure?,Are you a white collar worker?,Yes,No,Yes,Get a Tattoo,Yes,Yes,No,Is it a name?,Is it unique?,Yes,Yes,Don't get a Tattoo,Is it appropriate to show to children?,No,Yes,Yes,Are your friends egging you on?,Yes,Yes,Are you trying to fit in?,No,Yes,No,Yes,No,No,Are you Drunk?,Do you prefer to "Catch"?,No,Will it be on your face?,No,Yes,No,Are you a man?,Do you want men to think you are easy?,Are they laughing?,Will it be visible when clothed?,No,Yes,No,Does the tattoo have special meaning to you?,Yes,No,No,Is it going on the small of your back?,Yes,Is it "Steve-O"unique?]