Muda City Repair Debacle 1-5
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Jay Kollar
2012-05-14 23:07
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文件内容:[5. Relay Request to Rental Staff, Yes ,3. Drive to MCAR,0.125,5. Request Loaner,Rental Car Staff,0.5,0.5,Repair Staff,1,4. Look for Paperwork,Inventory Staff,No ,1,4. Loaner Car Option,Cycle Time,0.75,Process Time,6. Authorize Repair,2. Search for Repair,4. Fill Out Forms,End,0.25,Accept loaner car?,5. Rental Staff Processes Request,0.125,End,Wait in queue?,No ,4. Wait & Describe Problems,Yes ,Office Staff,MCAR,0.25,End,6. Give Customer Quote,6. Discuss Auto Problems,0.5,Customer,1,4. Fill Out Forms,1. Check Engin Light,0.5, Muda City Auto Repair Debacle,No , Yes ]