Muda City Repair Debacle 13-20
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Jay Kollar
2012-05-15 23:39
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文件内容:[22.5,Total9.5,0.5,Rental Car Staff,Ask for loaner car?,Total99.5,0,0.5,16. Facilitate customer request,16. Call back,Repair Staff,42,Inventory Staff,18. Arrive at shop, complete paperwork,19. Close paperwork, inform customer of root cause,Cycle Time,Process Time, No,16. 3 people to find records,0, Yes ,14. Check engine light back on,17. Notify customer repair done,0.125,0.5,0.125,0.1,Wait,0.5,Office Staff,15. Call repair shop,20. Leave with car,15. Can't locate records,13. Leave dealership,Customer,1.75,0,Stay home?,0.8,19. Service rep notifies office staff of root cause,No ,0.5, Muda City Auto Repair Debacle,0]